Titleist's stunning TSR driver

Barry Wilson

16 January 2023

There’s one name that dominates every single Tour: golf balls lapping the competition several times over, the most legendary putters from the game’s greats coming from its own range and now… drivers.

During the reign of Titleist’s TSi range, it stole the crown of being the Tour’s most popular driver brand. This year’s TSR is the pinnacle of the game-changing ‘Titleist Speed Project’, so let’s dive into exactly what that looks like…

First impressions

In fact, looks would be the perfect place to start with these drivers. The ‘R’ in TSR stands for refined, and you can see that in the way these drivers look just sitting on the shelf. They look stunning in the shop thanks to a sharp, streamlined aesthetic that we think you'll love. Those looks carry through to the moment you put them behind the golf ball; a tried & tested shape giving you confidence as you stand over every drive.

Titleist TSR2 Driver
Titleist TSR2 Driver

Key tech under the hood

Every model is made with more effective centre of gravity and better aerodynamic performance, which means more control over the way you launch the ball and more speed for additional yards. But the headline here is the use of rare alloys that are used by the likes of NASA and the U.S. military!

What does that mean? It means they’re the best possible materials when it comes to strength and durability. The material is high-tech, yet the benefit is as simple as allowing you to hit the ball further more consistently without the performance deteriorating over time. Makes you want to try TSR, right?

Another very key advancement in the TSR drivers is the multi-plateau Variable Face Thickness. It sounds complicated but stick with us... This design allows Titleist to be more precise and fine-tune the performance benefits in each model to give each individual golfer exactly what they want. Speaking of the individual models, let’s explore what’s actually available…

Range architecture

We’ll start with the TSR2. This driver is all about maximum distance made up of two components: maximum speed and maximum stability. If you’re looking for help launching the ball high and keeping it in play more often, this is the best option for you.

The TSR3 also offers speed and distance, but this time Titleist is targeting players with consistent ball-striking. If you usually find the middle of the face, this driver’s concentrated impact point will optimise your results.

Titleist TSR Driver range
Titleist TSR Driver range

Finally, we have the TSR4: a driver with ultra-low spin for a piercing ball flight. Any advanced driver of the ball will love the way this model sends the ball fizzing through the air and eeks out every last yard. To take it even further, you even get two different spin settings that you can control; creating either all-out spin reduction or something more moderate that plays like a TSR3.5.

Oh, and a little birdie may also have mentioned something about another model coming in the near future. Make sure you keep your eyes peeled for that…

Whichever model you think is right for your game, you can get it through us. But putting the right one in your bag is critical, which is why it’s vital you visit us and take advantage of our professional custom fitting service.

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